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Kristal XL 600W LW


Kristal XL 600W LW (Wide) Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reel

The Wide version of the XL 600 inherits all the positive aspects of the XL 600 and "amplifies" them. Enlarged by a couple of centimetres, this reel has in fact made it possible to install a new motor with more power than the XL 600 and also the spool offers greater capacity than the narrower "little brother". The Wide maintains the integrated level wind distributor, the aluminum spool, the adjustable speed. This model is also available with the Manual Handle XL 600W M-LW

*2 Year Australian Warranty*

Specifications & Features

Note - Picture is Digital Version of the XL 600W LW

Level Wind

The integrated line distributor optimally distributes the line on the spool. You can easily disengage the guide thanks to the foldable dropout. The distributor works only in recovery while in the release phase a mechanical system separates the movement of the reel from the movement of the distributor allowing faster drop rates.

Speed ​​Control

The speed control allows you to always recover at your preferred and ideal speed by slowing down and assisting the action of the clutch. This is a great feature in the recovery of prey or allowing you to recover quickly.

Jigging Switch

The Jigging button allows you to operate the reel at maximum speed. Releasing the button, the reel will return to the previously set speed. The Jigging function is extremely convenient not only for the practice of this technique allowing very quick recoveries but also for line adjustments.

On / Off Switch

The main button of the unit is easily accessible and operated even when wearing gloves.

Twin Drag

The exclusive double action clutch of the 600 series reels is unique in its kind because it has been developed expressly for electric recoveries. Also, the new adjustment lever with safety lock which, in addition to avoiding accidental operations, prevents the high rotation speeds of the reel typical of electric reels from transferring to the clutch by un-regulating it.


The protection fuse minimizes the risk of damage in the event of a sudden excessive strain on the reel.


*2 Year Australian Warranty (Recreational Use) 6 Months Australian Warranty (Commercial Use)*

Refer to Terms & Conditions for full Warranty details