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Kristal XL 75


Kristal XL 75 Electric Deep Drop Fishing reel

The XL 75 is a hybrid reel with characteristics of both electric and windlass reels. They are mostly used in Longline Fishing applications thanks to the interchangeable spool. Although they can be installed on any trolling rod, it is on our pivoting rods that express their full potential.

Available with Twin Drag Option - XL 75 TD


Clutch - FR

The clutch group of our recoveries is extremely sophisticated to offer maximum precision and easy adjustment.


This switch controls the direction of the appliance, forward for recovery, backward for descent and central to turn off the unit. On double speed models the switch selects between off / Speed ​​1 / Speed ​​2.

Fuse holder - FUSE

To avoid engine damage in case of overheating due to excessive effort, all our recoveries are protected by fuses.


Our recoveries are equipped with an acoustic signal (buzzer) which can be excluded.