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Kristal XL 90 Canarie


Kristal XL 90 Canarie Electric Deep Drop Fishing reel

Ideal entry level Deep Drop Fishing, the XL 90 will amaze you with its strength and sturdiness. Thanks to the numerous accessories available, it can be transformed into a winch and Downrigger. The Naylon / Glass coating combines exceptional resistance to marine agents with a very low weight. The Canary version is particularly suitable for Longline Fishing. 

Nylon - Glass

Seeing our new models with nylon-glass coating, one is immediately conquered by their exclusive line, forgetting the incredible advantages offered by the external structure in this material. These models, in fact, combine exceptional resistance with a very low weight. The nylon-glass is also resistant to marine agents and salt, remaining like new even after years of use.

Fuse holder - FUSE

To avoid motor damage in case of overheating due to excessive effort, all our recoveries are protected by fuses.

Rod holder predisposition - P-PLR

The integrated preparation for the application of the adjustable side rod holder is a very convenient plus. The protacanna is in fact important above all in bottom trolling where it forms a compact set of sinker and barrel. The side rod holder is also convenient for bottom fishing to always have the landing net or the grapple close at hand.

Clutch - FR

The clutch group of our recoveries is extremely sophisticated to offer maximum precision and easy adjustment.

On / Off Switch

The main button of the unit can be easily reached and operated even when wearing gloves.