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Reel Limited Warranty

Reel Limited Warranty

Kristal Fishing Reel -  Limited 1 Year Australian Warranty

VARGAL PTY LTD trading as Sea Monkey Marine will extend the warranty, on the motor and its components, for all Australian sold and delivered Kristal Fishing Reel Units, for a period of not longer than 12 months Recreational Use and 6 months Commercial Use from date of purchase. 

The Australian warranty will not be more than 365 days from date of purchase.

It is understood;

  • All limitations of this Limited Warranty remain in force throughout the warranty period.
  • All Kristal Fishing Reels are individually tested and built with the most durable marine quality products and components.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the unit/s properly, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, in order to ensure trouble free operation.
  • The motor and its components are guaranteed to be free of defects for 365 days from the date of purchase for Recreation Use Reels; and 182 days for Commercial Use Reels.
  • All reel components, other than the motor and the motors directly associated components, will be provided with a limited warranty, of not more than 90 days from date of purchase, for Recreational and Commercial Use units.
  • Opening the unit and/or any damage resulting from neglect and failure to keep the unit properly maintained will void the warranty.
  • Original proof of purchase is required when returning a reel for a warranty claim. All qualifying warranty claims are on a back to supplier basis, at the consumers cost. No liability will be assumed or taken by VARGAL PTY LTD trading as Sea Monkey Marine for damages incurred during transit prior or post service/repair.
  • Any damages to the motor caused by use that the warranted product is not designed for specifically, will void the warranty, this will remain at the sole discretion and determination of VARGAL PTY LTD trading as Sea Monkey Marine.
  • Units with a composite spool cannot be used for high-speed trolling. Monofilament line used in any way will implode the reel and void any warranty claim herein.
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty and any damages caused by improper electrical connections, misuse, abuse, or alterations will void the warranty.

Please refer to the user’s manual included in your reel for maintenance and connection information.

VARGAL PTY LTD trading as Sea Monkey Marine, provides the above warranty conditions in accordance with Australian Consumer Law as regulated by the ACCC.