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SMM Live Bait Series Spanish Mack 210


SMM Live Bait Series - Spanish Mack 210

Realistic action segmented Lures brought to you by SMM Lures. We have called these lures Live Bait Series for a good reason! It is the closest action you will get to a real live bait. Not only do they perform great, but they also replicate our Aussie Baitfish in the looks department. Available in Mackerel, Slimey Mackerel, Yellowtail, Pilchard and Sardine. Perfect for saltwater pelagic species like Mackerel, Tuna, Trevally, Queenfish.

Equipped with SMM X4 Treble Hooks and Split Rings  

Details and Information

Length - 210mm

Weight - 75grams

Construction Material - ABS

Construction - 4 Segments constructed with high tensile metal links 

Sink Rate - Fast 

Troll Speed - 3-10 knts

The SMM Live Bait Series Lures also include built in rattle to attract prey but also to add extra weight in the head of the lure. Standard 3D Eyes and extreme lifelike swimming action make this lure irresistible and it has been designed to promote instinctive strike from prey.