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Kristal Fishing Bait Board

$249.00 $125.00

Kristal Fishing Bait Board / Cutting Board Prep Table 

The Kristal Fishing Bait Board is the most versatile bait board on the market in its price range. Sturdy quality, durable molded plastic with near zero flex and a range of options to cover all of your fishing needs. It comes standard with a multitude of sockets to accommodate Knives, Pliers, Hooks, Rigs, Braid Scissors, Line Spools and rigs. But the best feature of all is the drip channel that runs around the edge of the board to a drainage point in the right rear corner. It is also optional with a range of quality accessories to make your day out on the water comfortable and practical. See the range of options available below. 

Dimensions - L 500mm x W 320mm x H 80mm

 Optional Stainless Steel Base

 Optional Deck Wash / Shower Handle

 Optional Handrail / Stanchion Base

 Optional Horizontal / Vertical Side Mount Base

 Optional Base Extension (100mm)

 Optional Base compatible with BOC Kristal Rod Base