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Kristal CG 80LB


Kristal CG 80LB Bent Butt Pivot Base Fishing Rod

To optimize the performance of our electric reels we have created a new type of rod, the pivoting rod. The latter has the particularity of being completely rotatable if inserted in one of our brackets,  bracket BOC or BF, due to its pivoting base. In this way, in bottom fishing, the rod can be oriented in the direction of the current. Inserted into a traditional rod holder, our rods become traditional rods with a bent butt. The pivoting rods, in addition to creating a winning combination with our reels, are very valid even when used with traditional reels. They can even be used in a game chair in many cases.

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Kristal CG 80LB

Kristal CG 80LB

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock


Weight - 80LB

Length - 220cm

Construction - Graphite

Guides - Full Roller 

Tip Guide - Swivel 

Removable Bent Butt