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Kristal TUNA 80LB MC


Kristal TUNA 80LB MC Butt Pivot Base Fishing Rod

The rods with curved handle guarantee an optimal alignment of the rod / sea surface when used in a standard rod holder (inclination 30 °) and also allow the use of rod holders with inclinations lower than the standard when the side of the boat does not allow a standard rod to be installed. The TUNA 80LB MC is a splendid stand-up with the tubular graphite shaft, the pulley loops, the swivel head and the removable aluminum handle.

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Kristal TUNA 80LB MC

Kristal TUNA 80LB MC

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock


Weight - 80LB

Length - 180cm

Construction - Tubular Graphite

Guides - Roller

Tip Guide - Swivel 

Removable Straight Butt