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SMM Deep Drop Fishing Rig 200LB 12/0 - 6 Hooks

$20.95 $16.80

SMM Deep Drop Fishing Rig 200LB 12/0 - 6 Hooks

Sea Monkey Marine has introduced its premium quality deep drop fishing rig range. Our rigs use the best quality components including Japanese Monofilament line, Brass / Stainless Swivels, Ultra Glow Luminous components and Stainless Steel offset big eye hooks all conveniently packaged and ready to use. All SMM deep drop fishing rigs also come standard with spare cross line swivel for easy, convenient light attachment and a breakaway sinker line. All you need to do is add your sinker. 

Suitable for all deep drop fishing and reef fishing applications for species including Cod, Gropers, Blue Eye Trevella, Harpuka, Hapuku, Gemfish, Snappers, Pearl Perch, Red Emperor, Trout and many more.


Main Line - 200LB

Branch Lines - 200LB

Hooks - 6 x Stainless Steel 12/0 offset big eye hooks 

Break-away Line - 50LB

Ultra Glow Luminous Sleeves and line protector