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SMM Deep Drop Rig Kit 200-400lb


SMM Deep Drop Rig Kit 200-400lb

We have added a convenient Deep Drop Rig Kit to our deep drop fishing tackle range. The SMM kit contains high quality heavy duty terminal tackle so you can rig 200 to 400 lb rigs and represents excellent value. The best part is all items contained in this kit are available for individual purchase, so if you run low on any components they are easily re stock-able. 

For rig kit contents see description below. 

Each SMM Deep Drop Rig Kit contains the following -

12/0 Circle Hooks x 20

14/0 Circle Hooks x 20

16/0 Circle Hooks x 10

4/0 Crane Swivel x 25

4/0 x 3/0 Crane B Combination Swivel x 20

Size 1 Cross Line Crane Swivel x 25

1/0 Cross Line Crane Swivel x 25

1.7mm Crimping Sleeves x 100

2.1mm Crimping Sleeves x 100

2mm Luminous Sleeves x 20

Luminous O Beads x 40

Luminous Octagonal Beads x 40