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SMM LED Diamond Light -Multi 5 Pack


SMM Deep Drop Fishing LED Diamond Lights (5 Pack)

This SMM LED Diamond Light pack represents great value for money. The pack contains 1 of each colour of White, Green, Red, Blue & Multi (Rainbow) colour giving you 5 lights in total. 

High quality water activated Deep Drop Fishing Light made from ABS super clear resin with the highest quality finish. The SMM Diamond lights are colour coded and labeled for easy identification. Strong stainless attachment point. Lights de-activate as soon as they are out of the water for prolonged battery life. Convenient and great value for that extra attractant when you are deep drop fishing to depths of up to 1000m! These lights have you covered for all your deep drop requirements.

There isn't a better quality diamond light on the market.

Available in Blue, Green, Red, White and Multi (Rainbow) colours.

Depth Range - Up to 1000m

Type - LED Flashing

Size - 40mm

Construction - Resin

Battery Requirement - Internal sealed

Operating Time - 300hrs (Approximate)

Features - water activated, auto deactivation when out of water for extended battery life


SMM LED Diamond Light -Multi 5 Pack

SMM LED Diamond Light -Multi 5 Pack