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SMM LED Strobe Pro Light - Red

$19.95 $9.95

SMM Deep Drop Fishing LED Strobe Pro Light

The SMM LED Strobe Pro Light is one serious light with low draw extending battery life, averaging 720hrs of continued use before the batteries need replacing. This one has been a go to for commercial operators as well as the serious recreational fisherman. it can be used for all deep water work including longlines. This light comes standard with a stainless steel shark clip. The housing is made from a super tough PC Plastic and features two O-ring rubber seals which can be greased for maximum protection against water ingress. It also features clearly marked positive and negative symbols to take the guess work out of battery installation, and a quick lock system.  

Available in Blue, Green & Red

Depth Range - Up to 600m

Type - LED Flashing (Low draw)

Size - 100mm

Construction - PC Plastic

Battery Requirement - 2 x AA (Batteries not included)

Operating Time - 720hrs (Approximate)

Features - Quick lock system & Stainless steel shark clip standard.


SMM LED Strobe Pro Light - Red

SMM LED Strobe Pro Light - Red